Eulogy | Alveran 2k3 DVD

I ripped this from my personal collection of DVDs. I noticed that this wasn’t anywhere on YouTube so I decided to upload it myself and for some friends. If Eulogy would like me to take this down please let me know and I will absolutely comply.

This DVD has performances from On Broken Wings, Until The End, Bury Your Dead, Shattered, Realm, Unsung Zeros, Where Fear and Weapons Meet, This Day Forward, Unearth and Evergreen Terrace.

I honestly bought this off my friend solely for the Unearth portion, the rest I was neutral about and the horrible audio quality does not help but hey, that’s 2003 for you….hell what I am saying there are 2013 videos that still sound like shit haha.

This DVD was shot, edited and directed by Andre Hopman and distributed by Lumberjack Distribution.


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