The Messenger – All Bosses [No Damage/Shurikens]

Messenger on Steam:

Bosses in video:

[00:00] 1. Leaf Monster
[00:46] 2. Necromancer Ruxxtin
[03:29] 3. Emerald Golem
[06:50] 4. Queen of Quills
[08:39] 5. Colos & Suses
[11:56] 6. Arcane Golem
[16:45] 7. Sky Serpent
[19:49] 8. Demon General Barma’thazel
[22:59] 9. Butterfly Matriarch
[26:40] 10. Clockwork Concierge
[30:29] 11. Demon King
[34:28] 12. Phantom

I should’ve played this game a long time ago. Somehow I missed it back then it came out.

At first I was thinking about doing all bosses without any of the upgrades, but I didn’t want to go through the entire game again. Besides, most of the upgrades are related to health and shurikens, which I didn’t use anyway. I also didn’t buy Demon’s bane, which makes you deal triple damage if you wait before attacking. The only I upgrades I use in the video are gliding downward attack and ability to destroy enemy projectiles.

There’s also going to be a DLC for Messenger later this year. I won’t miss it, i promise.


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