Two of Swords: Description in 3 Minutes


Upright and reversed, there is a waiting aspect to this card:
Two of Swords Upright: There is a choice to be made. The weighing of different viewpoints or actions. This may be causing some inner turbulence as reflected by the choppy waters. Trying to be fair could be leading one to be stuck, unable or unwilling to make a choice. What am I supposed to do???
Two of Swords Best Course of Action: Work to be as logical as you can but also embrace that you may not have all the facts yet. And even if you do, not all choices are only logical. You may have to look within for help with how to proceed.
Two of Swords Reversed: Sometimes one chooses by not choosing. The putting off of a decision, especially if you sense there is more which needs to be revealed. You just might not have all the facts yet! Can be anxiety overtaking you, making it even harder to make a decision.
Two of Swords Reversed Best Course: Wait. Do not proceed at this time. You don’t have all the information which is needed to make a fully informed choice. Exhale. Pause. Rest. You may need to stall.


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